Be Safe Online Matrimonial Services provides you the safe and secure platform to search your perfect life partner with ease. The Team of Matrimonial Services is wholly qualified in handling the screening procedure for inappropriate or irrelevant content. We follow strict rules as per our policies for the prevention of any miscarriage or unhealthy event. However, in safeguarding your safety & privacy, we have limited actions that are within our control. Hence, it is necessary for you to exercise some simple precautions for your privacy & for a safe and secure experience. With following guidelines you can protect your privacy. 

Guard your Conversation

Don’t provide your personal details information like email address, phone numbers, address or any other identification information in your initial conversations. Take your time and once the trust builds up you can provide your personal information. Remember that you are in control of your online experience at all time. Private Website The website is entirely private and only registered members are able to contact you within the secure framework of the website. We do not showcase your images of your profiles, only registered members can request to see your private picture. As it’s a paid website so only members can contact you, thus making your content and pictures safe from guest users who have no intention of marriage and are simply snooping around. 

Safeguard your Emails

For purpose of contact and notifications you are required to submit an email account on our website. However we never share personal information unless required by law. While moving through the process of searching for the perfect partner, you need to be observant. First you need to trust your instinct, then share the email addresses and start communication. While deciding to share your information with other members, try to get idea about person you are collaborating with. Members who are serious will give you respect and will allow you to take your time. For your own assurance, ask one of your friends to read emails as well, so to identify any warning signs that you may have missed. You can always remove or block the person from your contacts who are being unreasonable and pressurizing you for your personal information. Try to avoid using signatures in your emails that include your personal contact numbers and addresses, which reveals your personal information. Never use your official or personal email address for such kind of communications.

Profile Images.

Only the members can see the profile images else profile images are to be hidden. This feature is to safeguard your modesty while allowing only genuine matches to view your profile image and is in accordance with our strict Islamic ethics. Since it is an marriage website, making a request for photo is normal because it will help you get the idea of person’s appearance and this way you can decide at initial stage if you want to move forward to get connected or not. The only people that should be able to request your picture or contact you are people who are also looking to get married. Photo request option gives you an opportunity that you can ask for photos of people you are interested in. Matrimonial Services offers uploading of photos to its members, there will be no reason for any member to not be able to provide you with one. 

Phone Calling

With a phone call you can know about person's communication and social skills. While for your own security avoid disclosing personal number to strangers. Preferably use prepaid mobile number or use local telephone blocking techniques to hide your phone number on the caller ID. Only provide your phone number when you feel comfortable and have background information on other member. If someone provides you with a strange area coded phone number, make sure before making a call that it's not a charge number.

Outside Meeting

Through our platform you can gradually collect information about the person, but later choosing whether to continue the relation in real world or not is your decision. Once you are sure about that person, you can arrange a meeting at a place which you think is safe and you are ready to do so. Even if you decide to set up a meeting, you can always rearrange or cancel it if you don’t feel comfortable in it.

Choose A Safe Place to Meet

According to Islamic way, it is advisable that you include your family in this matter too. And set your meeting at home. But, if you decide to meet them alone, then it would be better to let your close friend or family member to know about the meeting place and time. Understanding of Person behind the Profile Matrimonial Services allows you to ask questions that help you better understand the person behind the profile. We can ask personal questions and even go deeper by asking questions regarding what their views on the rights of men and women. Importance of education towards them and other important criteria which will help you make a better decision. However to avoid any distressing situation, you should keep a close look out for any warning signs and strange vibes from the person you are interest in. Beware of Scam Members should need to beware of money scams, as con artist and scammers are present everywhere in the world. Matrimonial Services just provide you are secure platform and it’s try to make efforts to avoid any kind of scam taking place. But there is always a chance that such things might happen. Members should avoid such person who asks for money, as the serious person will never ask for money. Infact if you think of some one of scammer then do report us and we will take serious action. Matrimonial Services is constantly working to provide better services to its member. We hear to what our member’s need, and accordingly we add or change features. Matrimonial Services reserves the right to withhold all the information, remove or make changes to your account in case the requirements are not met by the members. The site shall not be held liable for any misconduct or injury or loss in any case while the members interact with each other.